Photographing in the garden has always been a great joy for me. It affords me a constant source of inspiration as well as an opportunity to explore a more complex reciprocal relationship between the human and natural world. There is an understanding that as humans we stand apart from nature; it is my great desire to bridge that gap and enter into a world that seems to call me to join and bring forth an  awareness of unbridled beauty and uniqueness that is a part of our everyday lives.

I hope my images are appreciated for their artistic value, but more so for their ability to show the richness of life. Photography is a fluid act. It is my intention to provide a deeper look into a subject, whether people or plants, in order to reveal the essence of its nature. I find it fascinating to see details emerge as attention and time is spent to examine a core that has yet to be explored. I am always willing to spend time in search of exactly how an object may want to be captured at that moment. One may end up with a visual that is frozen in time, but it is only one moment in a series of many, that brings us closer to an awareness of life all around us.