I grew up on a large farm, the youngest in a family of five women. I learned first hand that women are strong, capable and often victims of violence.

In response to the powerlessness I experienced, I developed a deep healing connection to the land on which we lived and it nurtured within me a desire to creatively express the profound beauty it held. It also fostered an independent spirit and awareness that my individual identity could be separate from the circumstances of my immediate situation.

 It was through photographing the land that I saw my ability to act as an artist and to fully express my own voice and eventually match it with a cause that was both personal and universal.

 I became an advocate for the right of a woman to be fully expressed, to say no, and to be free from violence perpetrated solely on the basis of being female.

 As an artist I have focused on using the creative process as a tool for personal growth and community awareness. I believe that by encouraging self expression and global connections we can learn from our commonalities and create opportunities for everyone to become agents of change in their own community.

I know that our innate wisdom holds great power and our personal expression of that wisdom can cross borders and reach far beyond ourselves to grow and affect change for generations to come.

 I have seen the power of transforming moments into your own voice. It does not matter if they are profound or ordinary, it is healing to imagine and create without restrictions.


Caroline Lovell